Two weeks in to the WGC training and some things that have stood out as :symbolic :

I spent the entire first week without my wallet or keys in my pocket.

Like a little 19th century aristocratic amateur scientist, padding around in my socks, running my funny little tests while “the help” occasionally sweeps or calls “Supper’s ready! You’ll be nowt but skin and bones if yer don’t get away from yer machine contraptions sometime, Master Shaklewinkslingsbourne!”. This is both prickly on my social conscience and also very very nice. Great for someone good at depth, less breadth of attention.

In terms of future skills, conservative estimates predict I will catch them all… I know it’s my destiny.

A typo

There was a point on the 2nd or 3rd day when it really started sinking in what was happening here. It was like that bit in Minority Report where Tom Cruise does something decisive and the future-seeing precogs watch the whole timeline shift to a different future narrative.

We were live coding and Dan, our sensei, wrote “load_file” on the big screen. I’m sat on the sofa with the others and I tap it out then looked back at my screen and see I’ve made this really weird typo. Coz switching two letters next to each would be normal, but this was some freudian finger slip: load_life.

I wondered what it would do if I hit enter on that command and ruby ran it. I feared it wouldn’t and I didn’t want to be told off, didn’t want to see my error. So I didn’t hit enter but switched interpreter and ran it through the virtual machine in my head. I saw the connection unblock and the life-video bar burst out left to right, certain and grey.


I still haven’t streamed much of this “life” object. It sits open. Enumerable, not enumerated. I can only each do |day| as << it << comes . A good coder would wince at this imperative without end but I have some new peace in not trying to pre-empt its calling. Because you can’t call end! “End” is a word reserved confidently and entirely to its own immutable domain. It’s that rare piece of life you can’t bend to your will except by pulling the plug and removing the battery.

As an emerging test-driven rubyist I see an unfolding philosophy for everything* which allows freedom, constant new continents of thought but with a zen acceptance that we’ll go in a boat, not just me in a superman’s cape. We’ll be human and at home in being human. Amongst friends. Each day we’ll rise, recite a koan and gladly getc.

*Apart from shoes which really don’t make sense at all. Odd alien feet….Oh wow I just looked at the shoes on the person nearest to me on this tube and they’re the same pretentious, overpriced, fake-old Topman ones I bought 2 years ago. I wonder why his haven’t fallen to bits like mine. Does this help make my point? Probably not.